I never thought how my mom did it financially, A house [n Shaker and a house in Cleveland. I never owned a house and I am thankful that my parents and my mom were able to complete all financially,

I miss my mom and I was proud of her and I never got a chance to tell her.


Day after my birthday


I  know  there  is  tuition  for  school  and  I  know  ypu  must  tithe  for church

I  am  now  seeking  free  books  and  cell  phone/

I  cannot  always  receive  books  from  friends

I  am  glad  that  there  is  no  cost  to   pray,

Dear  Lord

Thank  you  for  beiing  Lord  AND  FOR YOUR  SON  jESUS.

i  THANK  YOU  for  another  birth  dat,

I  ask  you  LORD  for  a  way  to  pay  for  school  and  mt  publishing  dreams.